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Ten Toes Down in 20/20

It's the beginning of a new decade and its time for "men" to be held accountable for their foot care! Yup. I said it and I'm not taking it back. For years woman have whispered around the lack of hygiene taken when it comes to men and their feet. Many men lack knowledge when it comes to a daily regiment dealing with foot maintenance. It's simple....

First things first. Make sure you wash your feet daily with a wash cloth and soap, and not just the days when you feel like it. Be mindful that the water from the shower at the bottom of the tub can't wash your feet.That's scum! After washing your feet throughly, not skipping between the toes, be sure to dry your foot off so that there are no traces of moisture. Be mindful of the fact that when your feet are left wet it will create an environment for bacteria, athletes foot, and or fungus to grow. After washing your feet and drying the off, now its time to apply a thin layer of foot cream to hydrate your feet so that the your heels don't get dry and cracked due to lack of hydration.

I also recommend that you leave your shoes and socks off when your home relaxing so that your feet can breathe. These are the MAIN COMPONENTS for a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FEET.


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