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  • Why hand and foot grooming?
    To help men to identify the importance of hand and foot care and to understand why self-care and health and wellness is so important for them. Some men don’t understand that unsanitary feet are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and unwanted conditions. Sweaty, unwashed feet can lead to stinky, unhealthy feet. Our men-centered pedicures are a great way to rid dirt, debris, odor and painful hangnails. The bacteria creates fungus. When diabetics don’t heal and don’t get pedicures, the bacteria begins to live underneath the toenails and in between the toes. This can result in the need for drastic measures like amputations. Over 1/3 of clients have had noticeable signs of diabetes and weren’t aware of it. Don’t let stigmas, comments or judgements keep you from caring for yourself, and for your hands and feet in particular. The foundation of any treatment starts with being informed… if you don’t know better, you can’t do better.
  • What sets this business apart from any other business of this nature?
    Most salons are not educating their clients. Before the service starts, we do a consultation, to identify if there are any issues which may prevent us from performing service. If we notice there are open wounds, needing further examination/a podiatrist, we support our clients in literally, knowing where they stand. The exfoliants were developed with properties which treat dry skin, rough skin, peeling skin, inflammation and bacteria. Coupled with our professional service and were created to rid debris at home, over time, as a home remedy, paired with services in the shop.
  • Why did Natasha Ray develop these products?
    Effective transformational care for men. Before Organic Body Society, our product line used at all Hammer and Nail franchises, products didn’t exist for men. There were female targeted products with softs scents, but not natural products designed for men. There was a demand for a product that was easy to use and cost effective. Technicians were searching for products to treat their clients, Noir is the solution.
  • Why should someone come here? What is unique about the services, products or business?  "
    To educate, elevate (the experience/mindset) and differentiate our salon from others as we specialize and cater to men’s hand and foot grooming.
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